The brand new sixteen Really Very Females Letters Regarding Disney Clips

The brand new sixteen Really Very Females Letters Regarding Disney Clips

step 1. Elsa, Frozen

She is the current go out Cinderella, the brand new fairy-story having today: her tale means overcoming worries, turning to who you are, and you may bringing charges. We become adults a small terrified and you will being unsure of in our prospective, but she ultimately finds out simple tips to individual why are the girl unique and you may virtually yields an entire kingdom from these energies. An entire freaking empire. She does not require an effective prince to store this lady – in reality, it’s her sister having which she need certainly to team up to store Arendelle – and also some vulnerability to help you the woman this is simply not worn aside as much as Disney’s heroines go. It’s seriously energizing, along with her fuel ballad is the kind you should keep when you look at the your own collection when it comes down to days when you are very doubting your self.

dos. Marie, The brand new Aristocats

Spunky, sassy, and you can devastatingly hooked on love, Marie try the original and you may greatest soul animal with the hopelessly precocious. She may not always be the absolute most better-mannered little girl, and you will she do appear to have fun with her cuteness since an excuse on her share with-it-like-she-sees-they attitude, but she is able to keep her own facing the woman rough-and-tumble brothers. Added bonus activities to have understanding how to kick ass, just take brands, and rock an extraordinary amount of red the in one time. (más…)

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