We installed the data, and best file got actually the tiniest zipped document ( ashleymadisondump

We installed the data, and best file got actually the tiniest zipped document ( ashleymadisondump

The rest had been simply substantial server logs, when unzipped were even more big single-file book data, which really could only be study by tools that will handle 1GB+ book files for example VIM.

There is certainly likely a real John

I’d alert whoever tries to access any dump of sensitive data that an important agency with of the most extremely sophisticated security teams the world over on the payroll observe and consist of a breach within this measure. Whenever we read nothing from ES, the that there surely is no this type of thing as privacy anymore and that I would suggest so that this blow over and move ahead with your lifestyle. If perhaps you were a member, it’s likely that your better half is already conscious you’re a scumbag POS and perhaps you should re-evaluate precisely why youare looking to ruin their relationship to start with. I’d end up being extremely amazed that AVID isn’t launching bogus places by themselves, creating a a€?rabbit-holea€? of bogus data to pad actual taken SQL dumps with rubbish. Let the proper bodies diagnose these a€?hacktivista€? losers who continue to made a decision to spend just what could be or else brilliant ability to introduce worry and encourage their agendas without weighing the consequences of the behavior in relation to all of our collective straight to personal confidentiality and anonymity. Promoting or distributing taken delicate material with the possibility to ruin lives was a zero sum games that ought not to end up being starred.

a€?Promoting or circulating stolen painful and sensitive material that has the possibility to ruin lives try a zero amount video game that ought not to ever end up being played.a€?

As a strictly technical nitpick, it appears as though you’re misusing the definition of a€?zero amount gamea€?. It signifies that by considerably damaging many people, the hackers become significantly benefitting by themselves (or perhaps that VARIOUS associate is actually benefitting). (In a a€?zero sum gamea€?, the sum of all players’ payoffs try zero.) … (más…)

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