Intimate Harassment & Rape Cures Program (SHARPP). How does Rape Traditions Influence Survivors?

Intimate Harassment & Rape Cures Program (SHARPP). How does Rape Traditions Influence Survivors?

Rape Culture

Something Rape Community?

Rape customs perpetuates the fact subjects has added on their very own victimization as they are responsible for exactly what have taken place in their mind.

Rape traditions is understood to be stereotyped, false thinking about rape that justify intimate aggression and trivialize

the seriousness of intimate violence. Rape tradition has actually a bad influence on survivors, helping as a silencing purpose for individuals who wish to discuss their particular story. This atmosphere breeds a culture of prey blaming (read below) where individuals are judged and regarded as becoming accountable for exactly what enjoys happened in their mind. Specific statements such as for example “they asked for it”, “it wasn’t truly rape”, “they performedn’t imply to” or “they liked they” are normal opinions being propagated in this culture to strengthen blame toward the prey. People that adapt to these rape misconceptions, may think duty into target for rape that will regard the stress from the rape are less extreme or believable. Considering this trend, our society will continue to alienate survivors, rendering it not likely for them to come forward, promote their facts, or are accountable to law enforcement officials or academic organizations, for concern with being held responsible.

Understanding Victim Blaming?

Victim Blaming try a devaluing work occurring after victim(s) of a criminal activity try held accountable – entirely or in parts – for your crime(s) which were committed against them.

  • I happened to be highly promoted not to lodge a police report as “this families provides lots of help” to university.
  • The screen of youngsters and professors learned that it was a “misunderstanding.”
  • “It’s hard to believe it actually was actually an attack, you don’t have bruises.”
  • “You aren’t articulating any emotion, as a result it must not need taken place.”
  • “That skirt is just too brief, no wonder you’ve got raped.”
  • “You moved through a dangerous district, exactly what do you expect?”
  • “You’re freely lesbian, not surprising you can’t become tasks.”
  • “You outed yourself as trans on web site, no surprise you’re discriminated against.”


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