Cougars in Wisconsin.Map of cougar sightings. Simply Click to expand the map.

Cougars in Wisconsin.Map of cougar sightings. Simply Click to expand the map.

The cougar (Puma concolor), also referred to as puma, hill lion, panther, catamount, United states lion and mishibijn (Ojibwa), may be the biggest wildcat in the united states north of Mexico. It once roamed throughout Wisconsin, certainly one of three crazy kitties indigenous towards the state, combined with the bobcat and Canada lynx. Presently, just bobcats are recognized to reproduce in Wisconsin.


The DNR is thinking about getting reports on cougar findings when you look at the state. Please utilize the big observation that is mammal you need to include information on the precise location, time, date and description regarding the animal.

Biological examples which can be tested for genetics may be very useful also. These could add scats, locks examples, other areas of the body, or continues to be of victim types. Examples should really be gathered in airproof containers and folks should avoid any epidermis contact of biological examples. The DNR must be contacted before any examples are delivered.


Map of cougar sightings. Simply Click to enlarge the map.

Wild cougars probably disappeared through the continuing state by about 1910, but reports once more started initially to surface within the 1940s. We were holding most likely escaped captive cougars or misidentifications. Since 1991, the DNR has carried out a system that is standardized of reports of cougars along with other unusual animals.

While there were a few verified sightings of cougars in Wisconsin in modern times, there was presently no proof that they’re breeding right right here. Biologists genuinely believe that any verified sightings are transient male cougars, dispersing from the breeding population in the Ebony Hills of South Dakota.

A collection of songs had been entirely on 28th, 2020 near Cable in Bayfield County december. The songs had been later on verified with a biologist that is local. This will make the fifteenth verified cougar observation in 2020. (más…)

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