How exactly to link Two Routers & have actually the exact same SSID

How exactly to link Two Routers & have actually the exact same SSID

As soon as your Router Doesn’t Always Have AP Mode

If the router does not help AP Mode, you’re going to have to manually turn fully off settings that are router-specific. This can be very nearly as simple as AP Mode. Simply because settings on a router are based down one specific establishing therefore if you switch it down, the router will minimize along with other settings also.

This environment is DHCP. On my Asus router, i could find DHCP settings under LAN after which DHCP Server. Right Here, I’m able to decide to turn the DHCP server off, which will be precisely what we wish. This can stop the router from supplying IP details to products in your community and can additionally stop offering the standard gateway and DNS servers and such. Therefore, turn the DHCP server off thereby applying the settings. Allow the router restart.

Whenever router has restarted, it is possible to disconnect it through the energy socket along with the computer as it is time for you to configure the router that is main, which will be very nearly the exact same actions.

Configure the 1 st Router

We’ve done the difficult section of configuring one router also it’s time and energy to perform some exact same from the very very first router that may behave as the primary router. There wasn’t much that should be configured only at all, the beginning guide will simply simply just take you through a lot of the settings and then we do not need certainly to alter any such thing either.

You already have it up and running, there is no need to factory reset it if you have been using the router before and. Just be sure that the SSID in addition to password are identical about this router because it’s regarding the 2 nd router we simply configured. (más…)

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