Privacy, as we has reputed for years, will not occur anymore.

Privacy, as we has reputed for years, will not occur anymore.


I’m not just amazed. When I saved Grindr to determine exactly what all the publicity concerned, after seeing how quickly others could find my personal APPROPRIATE area, despite the locale environment set to ‘off’, I was like ‘nope’ and quickly uninstalled it.

No one knows what are the psycho’s / murderers / stalkers there are certainly presently, and there’s not a chance in underworld I’m advising everyone in the world the precise area. That’s just all messed up. Haven’t downloaded they since.

Your own privateness ways absolutely nothing to all of them.


Eventhough a lot of people may have assumed that Grindr had been posting anything, as all software and many commercial (a lot of non-commercial) online sites create, however this is continue to most distressful, specially because of the preciseness with which a Grindr customer is geotagged and set. We really not contain genuine convenience unless most people learn how to deplug ourselves from the online world, that is why stuff like Alexa and Siri, along with net of things which sets the Net in the toaster and ice box and automobile, are very troublesome. (más…)

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