None among these possibilities appear appealing or plausible in my experience.

None among these possibilities appear appealing or plausible in my experience.

In a nutshell, we now have no explanations that are good provided fantasies. Possibly that is the reason technology hasn’t yet examined these occasions. Technology does not have any spot to place them within its present worldview—but this will be much more explanation to research them. Paradigm-challenging phenomena would be the many data that are important science simply because they force revolutionary modifications.


Careful, those marvelous «rational» «materialist» so-called «scientists» will ask to remove your Ph.D. For heresy contrary to the religion of scientism which has had occupied the majority of technology (although not the extreme leading edges of theoretical physics).

You cannot be stating APPARENT facts of typical experience when they opposed to the dogma of scientism. The scientism researchers simply ignore something that will not remain in their really restricted view of truth (or their present pet theories du jour). They have the «scientific» psychiatrists to pronounce you «mad» (or some medical sounding term) to allow them to «section» you and pump you saturated in medications before you stop saying apparent seen facts and rather parrot their stupid ignorant dogma. We applaud your bravery.

You aren’t the first ever to state unavoidable findings, plus it appears that the exact same period keeps saying. F.W. Myers (and William James) work over a hundred years back currently «scientifically» proved the presence of Psi (when you are alluding to). Nonetheless materialism that is dogmatic (by dim witted individuals) keeps squashing any actual research of these things.

Another more book that is recent further (more present) information additionally states equivalent things.


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