Just What Does & Suggest?

Just What Does & Suggest?


Just what does & suggest by possibility? I’m sure that & means ‘and’, but amp has wondering.

Where 3 5 & provides 1

The bits in each place in the 1st quantity (chr) must match bits in each place when you look at the 2nd number. Right Here only the people in red.

One other place either have actually 0 and 0 equals 0 or 1 and 0 equals 0. However the final place has 1 and 1 equals 1.


Do you need more explanation – or could you simply instead skip it.

Do you run into this in another of ACES guages and desired to know how it worked?

Think about it you really must have counted in binary as a youngster

Zero one ten eleven a hundred a hundred plus one a hundred and ten a hundred and eleven.

I want to explain or even you.

No No make him stop. We’ll talk, We’ll talk


Ron – i might have known just exactly what the AND operator intended – a number of years ago – in university.

Therefore utilizing your instance, 3,5 OR gives me personally «6»? (más…)

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