Miami University has got the label that everybody is really a spoiled preppy rich kid.

Miami University has got the label that everybody is really a spoiled preppy rich kid.

everybody else stores entirely at J. Crew, Polo and Banana Republic. You won’t get anybody maybe maybe perhaps not putting on Sperry’s, or in the wintertime, duck boots. Everyone lives away from Daddy’s cash and blindly follows whatever he claims.

While these stereotypes aren’t totally true (there undoubtedly certainly are a good amount of these people at Miami), you can find absolutely a finite of guys you’re likely to satisfy from the hookup scene. In reality, there are about eight different dudes you’re likely to encounter at Miami University and here they have been.

1. The “Yeah I’m in Farmer” Guy

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This person expects intercourse from the very first evening. He only covers their summer internship with Deloitte. He surely wears a Comfort Colors shirt to your pubs. He will pay the $6 address to Brick with Daddy’s cash. And, needless to say, he voted for Trump and it isn’t ashamed to admit it either.

2. The “You Thought He Liked You But He Simply Wanted The Human Body” Guy

With this specific man you actually remain up in to the wee hours associated with the morning speaing frankly about absolutely nothing but every thing. He states visit that is he’ll escort service Davie over J-term (after which, demonstrably, he does not). You choose to go on belated evening operates to Pulley together. He shacks up with another woman at New prior to you. You are made by him feel psychotic for thinking it absolutely was significantly more than a hookup. In which he states “can we remain friends though?” but then never texts you back.

3. The “Idk Men, I Do Believe He’s Gay” Guy

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He seriously dresses impeccably. (más…)

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