Savage Love

Savage Love

Smokin’ Hot

I am a cigarette cigarette smoker and my boyfriend features a smoking cigarettes fetish. He likes it whenever I smoke cigarettes although we’re making love; he loves to jerk down and watch me smoke cigarettes; he likes me personally to smoke cigarettes and present him oral intercourse during the exact same time. Their porn collection is perhaps all smoking-related. We’ve really enjoyed taking part in this fetish. Nevertheless, I’m certain we must stop. He has got recommended I am an addict and I won’t be able to smoke «just one» during sex that I might be able to smoke on occasion, but. I am concerned that my boyfriend shall weary whenever I giving up smoking. I understand he really loves me personally, but i am concerned that his fetish is strong sufficient to ruin our relationship if it is not fulfilled. Can a man conquer their fetish? Can there be a real method to displace their dependence on smoking cigarettes with a thing that will not kill me personally? Or must I give up smoking and him in the time that is same?

Focused On Stopping

Dudes do not ever conquer their fetishes, CTQ, you to quit smoking and quit the boyfriend at the same time so I would urge. (más…)

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