Ukrainian bride team: exactly about Ukrainian Women-In-Tech

Ukrainian bride team: exactly about Ukrainian Women-In-Tech

Ukrainian IT market isn’t any longer destination for males only, the industry is booming with ladies. Smart and committed, they overcome barriers built by social objectives and overcome brand new technical challenges. Throughout Ukraine’s history that is long women’s profession choices had been restricted due to gender stereotypes. However, present-day data look extremely promising: away from 7,413 technical experts, whom filled the designers salaries survey* in December 2019, 13.64percent had been females. Let’s simply take a better appearance on which it is choose to be a ‘lady in tech’.

In event for the Overseas Women`s Day, Mobilunity prepared infographics about Ukrainian females inside it.

Exactly Just Exactly What Ukrainian Women-In-Tech Really Do

Everyone knows the absolute most stereotypes that are common just what this means to become a ‘woman who code’. But exactly just how near are we to your portrait that is real?

Well, if you decide to fulfill the average Ukrainian woman involved in IT, she ought to be the age between 25 – 29 and a lot of most likely, employed by an outsourcing company. In line with the survey run in December 2019, we’d the opportunity to see some real numbers of females on it, which pressed us to the insights that are following

  • 1 / 2 of the ladies are QA Engineers. Finally, it demonstrates that QA continues to be the launchpad to a profession into the IT industry.
  • 44% are Computer Software Engineers. (más…)

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