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101 ev by Don Batten

There are lots of kinds of evidence for the chronilogical age of our planet together with cosmos that indicate they have been much younger than is usually asserted today.

Can science show the chronilogical age of our planet?

The commonly accepted chronilogical age of the world happens to be 13.77 billion years and also for the solar system (including Earth) it really is 4.543 billion years. Nevertheless, no medical method can show the chronilogical age of the planet earth as well as the world, and therefore includes the people we now have right here that highly declare that these accepted ages have been in severe mistake. Although age indicators are known as ‘clocks’ they aren’t, because all ages derive from calculations that fundamentally include making presumptions concerning the past. The starting period of the ‘clock’ has constantly become thought along with the manner in which the rate associated with clock has diverse in the long run. Further, it offers become thought that the clock had been never ever disturbed. (más…)

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